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Bucherer is famed for its top-quality jewellery range and the award-winning creations made in its own workshops. These fabulous items are made with loving care and attention to detail from the most precious materials and rare gemstones. Every single piece is a reflection of the skill and craftsmanship of our employees. Be enchanted by the entire range.
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Bucherer Fine Jewellery Boutique

Visit our boutique at Selfridges, London

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Bucherer Fine Jewellery Ring Collection

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Bucherer Fine Jewellery Necklace Collection

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Bucherer Fine Jewellery Bracelet Collection

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Diamond Buying Guide

Find the perfect diamond for your loved one.

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Bucherer Fine Jewellery Earring Collection

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Unconventional and minimalist, the Bucherer Fine Jewellery collection perfectly complements the needs – and the beauty – of the modern woman with style.
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