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As a traditional jeweller specialising in watches and jewellery that has enjoyed success all around the world, we challenge our staff and promote their development by offering targeted education and further training opportunities and a range of exciting tasks. At Bucherer, you will benefit from a diverse and dynamic working environment, an open, trusting and social culture, and progressive working conditions. Discover all the reasons why you should work for us.
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We expect a lot from our employees – but we give just as much in return because they are the key to our success. For that reason, we motivate them to achieve outstanding performance by offering them progressive working conditions and interesting tasks and investing in their further development and the expansion of their expertise on a long-term basis.

The Bucherer Academy runs training courses for employees on sales-, specialist- and management-related subjects. Our education and further training offering includes in-person seminars, training courses at our branches, e-learning, exchange of experiences on best practices and customised further training courses for teams and individual employees.

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