Our Top 4 Hublot Watches

Choosing the right Hublot is a big decision and we want to lead you in the right direction. Here are our best selling Hublot’s:

Classic Fusion
A discreet entry to the Hublot world

The Classic Fusion watch is a step away from what the brand is traditionally known for. This watch isn’t big, bold or brash; it is a slim and refined piece which that proves Hublot aren’t afraid to try anything new and can offer extreme wearability.  Lots of brands become synonymous with a particular style, but that is not to say that their other offerings aren’t also impressive timepieces.

The Classic Fusion line has expanded to include a range of models, including ultra-slim designs, skeleton dials and powerful movements. The name Classic Fusion refers to the fusion of materials and the wide range means a lot of style requirements can be met in the wearing of a Classic Fusion.

Big Bang
Innovative design that led to lots of models and colours

One of the most disruptive watch in recent years, the Hub lot Big Bang has gained notoriety for its polarising design and innovative features. The word “hublot” is French for “porthole” which was the inspiration for the brand’s unique case design. The Big Bang was launched under the vision of new owner Jean-Claude Biver, who wanted to make Hublot for a new generation, in a bold large size with a strong masculine design.

It goes without saying that the most iconic parts of the Big Bang is the sandwich-style case design where Mr. Biver’s vision of “the art of fusion” comes to play. The sandwich design is a way to easily mix colours, materials and functions. The cases often make use of steel, resin, titanium, ceramic and rubber. Although the range has expanded so much it includes everything from gold to carbon fibre and even magnesium.

Sponsorships and partnerships have definitely aided the development of the Big Bang, proving how Hublot have widened their audience with tactful marketing, creating a new breed of Big Bang lovers.

Spirit of Big Bang
The Big Bang is more than a one-trick pony

An evolution of the Big Bang the Spirit steps it up a notch. During its initial release Jean-Claude Biver mentioned he was asked to produce a watch inspired by Richard Mille and from this the Spirt of Big Bang grew. The casework on the Spirit of the Big Bang is large and complicated with a unique case shape, the Spirit of Big Bang cases tends  to resemble tonneau barrels giving them a large wrist presence which fits perfectly with the Hublot aesthetic.

The Spirit of Big Bang is like wearing a small piece of art on your wrist, with all sorts of iterations from Moonphase to skeletal there’s a Spirit for everyone.

Big Bang Unico
Unmissable Titanium and Rubber

With a distinct style and design often with titanium and a rubber band, the Big Bang Unico had a tendency to be made in neutral blacks, greys and muted tones and have supported the likes of Ferrari and the sport of golf. This year the Unico took a step towards colour and Hublot created a piece made entirely from red ceramic.

Hublot constantly use the products to showcase the talents of their research and design team and continue to surprise even the most discerning watch fanatics.

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