5 Reasons To Buy A Jaeger-LeCoultre

As Jaeger-LeCoultre celebrates its 180th anniversary this year, we asked watch expert Ariel Adams to take a closer look at what makes the iconic watch brand so special. In this article, he outlines five reasons to invest in a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch…

There are many well-known watch brands out there, but it can be confusing to understand the benefits of one brand over another. Or more simply, what are some actual practical reasons to get a timepiece from one brand versus another. Jaeger-LeCoultre is a fine watch brand you’ve probably heard about if you are reading this article. It is a great watch brand, but don’t just take my word for it. Here are five good reasons to get a Jaeger-LeCoultre (there are others) which help make this luxury brand distinct.

1. Movements and more made in-house

Most watch brands don’t make their own movements. The best watch brands make their own movements (in-house movements), and even better brands make their own movements as well as cases, dials, and hands. Jaeger-LeCoultre has the ability to make most watch components in-house, not just movements. What this does is give them an immense level of control over quality, as well as a great level of flexibility when it comes to design and experimentation. For this reason Jaeger-LeCoultre is able to produce such a diverse range of timepieces, each with unique designs and often movements.

2. The Reverso is a timeless classic, and its cool

The gold standard classic watch from Jaeger-LeCoultre is the art deco era Reverso. Made entirely in-house these relatively affordable luxury watches are distinctive classic that no one else makes. The Reverso name comes from the fact that the case can flip around – which is something that no one else has seemed to do properly, even though Jaeger’s patent on the concept ran out years ago. This is a great way of having a brand piece in both quality and design.

3. Credibility with watch and fashion lovers

Some people buy watches to impress themselves and fellow watch lovers, others want something fashionable and status-worthy. Get a Rolex and people will think “you’ve made it,” but you aren’t going to impress every watch aficionado. However, most Jaeger-LeCoultre watches strike a perfect balance between looks and mechanics. It all starts with solidly made no-nonsense movements and designs that range from classically elegant to ambitiously sporty. Each with a quality sense of good European taste.

4. Great range of watches from classic to sport

Jaeger-LeCoultre makes many watch styles. On the one hand you have the timeless Reverso, then the traditional looking Master Control collection. Then you also have the Master Compressor divers and wild looking Extreme Labs and AMVOX collection watches on the sportier side. Plus, Jaeger-LeCoultre has incredibly complicated watches in yet another class with the Gyrotourbillon pieces and the Hybris Mechanica. It gives the brand a complex personality that can be difficult to define, but they do each of their watches well no matter the genre.

5. They make things no one else can

Walk into the Atmos department at Jaeger-LeCoultre and you’ll see amazing atmosphere powered clocks that have been produced by Jaeger-LeCoultre for almost a century. No one else has come close to producing anything like it. This is one example of something that Jaeger-LeCoultre produces, that no one else does. Because so much of the production and design is in-house, they are able to tightly integrate product development and production teams which results in watches like the Gyrotourbillon, and other complex wonders that few if anyone else has been able to replicate. Few other brands can compete with the pace and experimentation Jaeger-LeCoultre has exhibited over the last decade when it has come to innovative features in luxury watches – especially at their prices.

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