7 Instagrammers You Should Be Following Now

If, like me, you’re sick of disconcerting Dan Bilzerean videos of exotic dancers being thrown into swimming pools, read on for TWG’s digital dose of all things delectible on Instagram.


Marlon de Simone | @Marlondesimone

Or The Look-At-My-Amazing-Watches-Without-All-The-Usual-Smugness

Oh Marlon – why can’t we all be like you? As a private watch seller in Rome, de Simone gives a sneak peek into his life of speedboats, tailored suits and of course, luxury watches. The beauty of this particular Instagram account however, is the lack of boasting: de Simone simply provides Riviera-worthy snapshots that hark back to a golden age everyone wishes to emulate. No smugness. No smirks. No slime. Just a pure horological passion and the odd self-deprecating selfie – spot on.

Street Etiquette by Joshua Kissi | @streetetiquette

Or The-Achingly-Cool-Vault-Of-Creative-Inspiration

Street Etiquette exists at a point where Bronx-Harlem style meets Dalston creative agency with a dash of vintage glamorama thrown in – on paper, it sounds like a sketchy cocktail but in practise, it just works. Joshua Kissi provides a daily curation of style through select images of architecture, fashion and food that provide a rough-around-the-edges glimpse of transatlantic life. Sure sure, it may sound pretentious, but Kissi manages to pull it off without playing the fool. Perfect if you want a break in the usual feed of diet juices, mediocre sunsets and #fitness.

Bexsonn | @bexsonn

Or The-Combination-Of-Lifes-Greatest-Pleasures

At The Watch Gallery, we love watches. We also love drinking whiskey. Imagine our surprise, then, when Bexsonn presented our greatest loves in the world on one beautiful Instagram account. “The blog that mixes pleasure, with pleasure” places the likes of Vacheron Constantin alongside Lagavulin 16 year old malt – it’s like choosing your favourite between two prodigal children. Watches and whiskey may not seem like the most obvious of bedfellows yet Bexsonn just makes it work.

Samuel Lippke | @samuel.black

Or An-Abundance-Of-Bronzed-Beauties-And-Beaches

As an acclaimed photographer operating all over the globe, Samuel Lippke induces #instaenvy on a terminal scale. In between dreamlike shots of twilight beach bonfires, bikini-clad Amazonians and vibrant favelas, Lippke adds daily context of basketball games and the occasional cigar. This is just one normal bloke with a great job that doesn’t try to elevate himself above us minions – he simply gets to travel to tropical shores for work (okay, so maybe he is a little extraordinary). Ideal for the holiday run-up and a little offshore escapism.

WatchFred | @watchfred

Or Unabashed-To-The-Point-#WatchPorn

WatchFred keeps things simple and as such, delivers exactly what us horophiles want: luxury close-ups in an everyday style context. The occasional tweed sleeve or shirt cuff compliments as opposed to clashes and we’re given an insight into a pure unadulterated passion for watches. Championing favourite brands such as Breitling, Fred’s to-the-point approach is perfect for those who like a classic timepiece above all else. And, there’s not a champagne glass or cigar in sight.

SymmetryBreakfast | @symmetrybreakfast

Or The-My-Meals-Are-Better-Than-Yours-And-Always-Will-Be

Breakfast is an art form and those who disagree clearly haven’t perused SymmetryBreakfast. The token morning coffee has hit Monet-like proportions thanks to this wonderfully brilliant Instagram account, helmed by a couple in Hackney that clearly love each other very much (and clearly suffer from OCD). Every single component, be it bacon, black pudding or baked beans, are carefully cooked with two hearts in mind. A great follow for anyone that loves some ordered culinary inspiration.

A Curated Man | @acuratedman

Or How-To-Dress-Like-A-Gent-Without-Hours-Of-Unnecessary-Grooming

A few years ago, ‘street style’ was a term largely unexplored and we saw photographers document the cool ensembles of everyman around Paris, New York, London et al. Then #streetstyle happened, and every Tom, Dick and Donald was a blogger and poured hours of retouching and preparation into every single shot – we no longer saw real outfits but a measured portrayal of what people wanted real outfits to be. Thanks to the likes of A Curated Man, however, we’re going back to basics. Follow for real style updates that doesn’t take itself too seriously – a 101 of everyday tailoring if you will.

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