An Introduction To 88 Rue Du Rhone

A typical trend these days is for watch makers to increase their prices. Such increases have occurred with virtually all of the successful higher-end Swiss watch brands. As businesses their goal is to increase profits and extract the most value possible from the branding their marketing dollars dutifully create. This natural tendency increases overall brand value, but can have various side effects. One major side effect is leaving market holes open in price segments a brand once inhabited but have since priced themselves out of. For example, if a brand’s average price was once £2,000 but is now £3,000 – they are no longer able to capture sales from the £2,000 watch market.

Raymond Weil has an interesting solution to this problem. Always a solid value in the entry-level luxury watch segment, Raymond Weil timepieces are still too expensive for much of the entry-level consumer segment. With most luxury watch brands pricing themselves high even at entry-level points, there is a huge market gap in the £500 – £3,000 Swiss watch segment.

Raymond Weil could have easily offered a range of lower priced watches to fill this segment, but that would undermine consumer confidence in their products and the branding power they achieved with their standard models which are almost all in the £2,000 – £4,000 range. Therefore, Raymond Weil devised a new Swiss watch brand named 88 Rue Du Rhone. With the power of Raymond Weil behind it, the new brand could offer reasonably priced entry-level Swiss watch at a price young adults could afford. These watches are designed to be a natural stepping stone between an inexpensive quartz watch and a luxury mechanical watch. After owning an 88 Rue Du Rhone one can easily step up to a Raymond Weil or other fine mechanical watch.

Rue Du Rhone is probably the premier high-end shopping street in Geneva. Anyone who has walked its streets has become at least a bit of an aspirational buyer. This fitting name titles the new brand which will offer both Swiss quartz and mechanical watches for men and women. The watches will have a classic tone but in a modern skin. They will be sized from 29mm wide up to 42mm wide. The dials will have a repeating pattern made from the number “8.” Using “88” as part of the name is an additional use of the number “8” which for Chinese buyers is considered to be a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. This detail makes it clear that Raymond Weil specifically designed 88 Rue Du Rhone to appeal to the Chinese consumer – but not only the Chinese consumer. At launch 88 Rue Du Rhone watches will be priced from £395 to £995.