Make A Play For A Sports Watch

More people wear a sports watch than any other style, which is testament to the power of an active lifestyle. An invention of the 20th century, they were developed as functional alternatives to dress or more formal watches, with the simple idea that people needed a durable watch to wear whilst doing a range of activities.

Today’s sport watches come in a myriad of styles, with most being inspired by the world of diving, racing, flying or boating. What every decent sports watch should do though is offer the type of durability that allows you to abuse it (just a bit), combined with a look that is casual, stylish and mature. Plastic digital watches are practical and easy, but I would question what message they say about the wearer?

A sports watch is the perfect starting off point for any watch collection and there are lots of superb options to choose from for that first luxury timepiece. This includes a lot of entry-level three-hand mechanical movements, if you are looking for something Swiss Made, and a lot of quartz based watches too. The key is looking to the right brands, who can afford to offer a lot but in a relatively affordable package due to economy of scale.

One such area to look is at brands within the Swatch Group. Not only do they have access to ETA movements, but they are known for offering a lot of bang for your buck. This includes brands such as Longines and Tissot.

A longtime favourite in this category is also TAG Heuer, who provide a solid entry-level sports watch in their Formula 1 collection. Though TAG Heuer has really been focusing upmarket over the last few years, it still has plenty of entry level sports watches to make a play for.