Behind The Brand: Carl F. Bucherer

Carl F. Bucherer watches carry the legacy linked to the person of Mr. Carl Friedrich Bucherer; a visionary watchmaker whose name is synonymous with quality and originality.  Carl F. Bucherer is one of the oldest Swiss watchmaking companies to be held in the ownership of the founder’s family in unbroken succession. 

In the year of 1888 Switzerland’s reputation for watchmaking was on the rise and Carl Friedrich Bucherer and his wife Luise opened their first boutique in Lucerne, the heart of Switzerland. The store saw great successes and Carl F. Bucherer went on to develop advanced mechanical movements and refined timepieces that appealed to an international clientele. This was further heightened due to the watches unique designs and lasting value. The family business was rapidly growing and had expanded into the jewellery sector creating its first ladies collection.

Carl F. Bucherer’s sons Ernst and Carl Eduard Bucherer joined the family business with plans to expand and reach an even wider audience. The brothers remained true to their father’s vision; to deliver quality pieces ensuring individuality and uniqueness across their watch and jewellery range. In the years to follow the name Carl F. Bucherer established itself as a specialist brand in the world of horology.

Today the brand has five family collections: Patravi, Alacria, Manero, Pathos and Adamavi. Each collection combines fashion and functionality, triumphing Carl F. Bucherer’s competence in design and jewellery. The ever popular Manero watches feature highly advanced mechanical features while remaining entirely functional for everyday wear. For those looking for a more elegant and formal choice, the ladies Alacria collection offers a striking curvaceous case and ornate craftsmanship.

The Carl F. Bucherer brand carries the motif “Made of Lucerne”; the only watch brand in central Switzerland, each CFB watch carries with it the heart of Swiss innovation. Lucerne and the surrounding area is a place of unspoiled beauty, the unique ‘terroir’ comes alive in the beating heart of a Carl F Bucherer watch and makes every timepiece a lifetime investment.

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