Ben Saunders: To The South Pole And Back

If one thing is for certain, Ben Saunders doesn’t take the term ‘expedition’ lightly.

Captain Robert Falcon Scott led a now infamous journey from the Antarctic to the South Pole and back in 1912 – a journey that was doomed from the offset. Saunders believed he could find success where his predecessors had failed and completed the 4 month 1,800 mile trek, pushing himself to the physical and mental brink. No easy task, as we’re sure you can agree.

After meeting The Watch Gallery team some time ago, Saunders (5 weeks fresh from the big expedition) gave his first post-polar talk at a TED conference to retell “the hardest 105 days of my life.” Share his raw and realistic account below.

Bremont’s brand ambassador is an inspiration for all in his pure determination, expertise and motivation; we’re not sure the full polar exploration thing is for everyone, but bravo to Saunders for achieving such an impressive feat.