A Big First for the Formula 1 Collection

Since its launch in 1985, there has been one constant about the TAG Heuer Formula 1 men’s series- the presence of a battery.

The ethos behind the original Formula 1 was in perfect harmony with a quartz movement- light, rugged, fun and inexpensive. But over the years, the Formula 1 series has grown up, trading in the fibreglass case and mineral glass for polished stainless steel and sapphire crystal, yet still retaining the sporting nature of the series.

And so it makes sense that TAG Heuer now take the final step and add an automatic mechanical movement to the men’s Formula 1 for the first time- the new TAG Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 16.

The design maintains the basic shape of the original Formula 1, but with beautifully integrated chronograph pushers and a “double” crown (as pictured above). Look closely and there are some unique details on the watch, such as the presence of the TAG Heuer logo on the end of the central chronograph hand.

There are three models in the Calibre 16 F1 range- two stainless steel/ceramic watches with the same anthracite dial and a bold titanium-carbide coated model with bright orange highlights.

First to the Steel and Ceramic duo, which offer a stainless steel case, ceramic bezel and a combination stainless steel/ ceramic bracelet. TAG Heuer’s Formula 1 ceramic bracelets use solid ceramic bricks, rather than simply applying a ceramic coating.

Why ceramic? Many watch brands are moving to ceramic materials because it is 4X harder than steel, despite weighing 25% less. Now, the weight won’t make a lot of difference on something as small as a bezel, but the harder compound means that it is more scratch resistant, which is a real-world benefit.

TAG Heuer F1 Steel and Ceramic

The difference between these two models is that model CAU2010 features a monochrome colour scheme, while model CAU2011 has the same basic look, but with added red flashes on the chronograph pushers and crown, hands and script on the bezel.

TAG Heuer F1 Steel and Ceramic Red

The more outrageous model in the range is the CAU2012 which has a black dial, black titanium-carbide coated case, black rubber strap off-set by bright orange detailing on the dial, minuterie flange and hands.

TAG Heuer F1 Titanium Carbide

In many ways the Black & Orange Formula 1 is the closest to the spirit of the original Formula 1 and marks a welcome return to colourful Formula 1 watches.

Each of the three TAG Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 16 Chronographs are available now the Watch Gallery, with a price of GBP2,350 for the Steel/Ceramic models and GBP2,125 for the Titanium Carbide coated model.

The battery may be gone, but the spirit of the Formula 1 remains the same.