Bradley Simmonds with The Watch Gallery and TAG Heuer- What to wear when training for the marathon

No matter what I am training for or competing in it is important for me to look professional and feel comfortable at the same time. Regardless of whether I am sweating in it, well designed quality fitness attire is essential for my performance and for supporting my body during strenuous exercise and is therefore a worthwhile investment.


Running Clothes

My go to brand is Adidas; you’ll find their range of running clothes recommended several times on the official Virgin marathon website.
Adidas’ climacool technology is used in their clothes and shoes to provide athletes with ventilation and moisture control, this range is definitely worth investing in for long distance running. It certainly keeps my temperature more stable when running as the clothes and trainers dry quickly from sweat or rain, resulting in the trainers remaining lightweight as well as my body; nothing worse than wet clothes weighing you down.
They also use Formation cuts, whereby clothes are cut on 3D models to ensure they sit correctly on the human body during any motion, this improves how the clothes feel. I love it because it makes them super light, again we don’t need any added weight on those long runs.

This attention to detail combined with the latest technology is in my eyes worth every penny, especially if it means a more successful, more comfortable run.

I prefer to run in shorts opting for the Speed breaker Climacool shorts and the free lift Tee. However, if the temperature is cold outside then I’ll wear a pair of Adidas Climaheat leggings, essentially the same concept as the above Climacool but keeps your body temperature insulated. If I wear a jacket or zipped up hoodie, which is rare as I always want to take it off mid run, I’ll go for Climacool work out hoodie or the Z.N.E Climaheat hoodie which you will see in a lot of my photos.


Running Trainers

My current running trainers are Adidas Ultra Boost; they are extremely light weight and built with their latest ultra-cushioned boost sole. They have to be the most comfortable trainers I have run in to date.

Many brands advise you change/renew your running trainers after 450-550 miles as they can lose their effectiveness. If you are worried about this happening, keep a track of your mileage and every now and then have a look at any obvious signs of wear and tear.


My TAG Sports Watch

The Watch Gallery and TAG Heuer are sponsoring me for the London Marathon which is a huge privilege. As part of my partnership with them I’ve been wearing the best sport style watches including this limited edition Formula 1 TWG stainless steel piece. With only 200 pieces worldwide and exclusive to The Watch Gallery, I had to get my hands on it. What is great about this watch it is water resistant and therefore if you get stuck in any unpredictable showers, you know your watch is safe.


Invest in your running gear

If you are running the London marathon this April then it means you’ve already gotten through the training during the winter months. However living in the UK means completely unpredictable weather and this can have a huge impact on our training; especially if you are not wearing the right clothing and footwear.

My advice would be to invest in good quality running clothes and trainers that help protect and support your body in all weather conditions. After all who knows what the weather will be like on the 23rd of April?


Get it done.