Breitling: The Big Picture

Essentially jetpacking over Mount Fuji with nothing but four jet engines and a carbon-fibre wing? All in a day’s work for Breitling’s Yves Rossy.

As part of this historic brand’s infatuation with all things airborne, crowds were shocked beyond belief as ‘Jetman’ took to the skies as part of a seven-front jet display team. Falling from a helicopter at 6,500 feet, Rossy reached up to 160mph then levelled off by simply arching his back. No sweat.

The former Swiss fighter pilot has honed his flying technique using subtle body movements to dictate direction and speed, and the maverick has arguably made aerial displays an artform. And, what better companion than one of Breitling’s ‘Professional’ collection to gauge throttle back and parachute deployment.

Here at The Watch Gallery, we can’t give you a birdseye view of Japanese landmarks, but what we can guarantee is a rather fantastic watch.

With its highly original bezel and a resolutely technical appearance, the Chronospace Automatic is distinguished by an exceptional design, combined with all the qualities of an authentic pilot’s instrument. Thanks to its star-shaped cut-out that makes it easy-to-use when wearing gloves, the bi-directional rotating bezel ensures simple and accurate handling of the aviation slide rule.

Its sophisticated rack-and-pinion system guarantees water resistance to 200 m (660 ft), an exceptional achievement for this type of instrument. The square hour-markers, large 12 o’clock numeral and oversized hands, all accentuated by a luminescent coating, ensure maximum readability and visibility, even in poor lighting conditions. The extreme precision of the time display and of short-time measurements is ensured by a self-winding chronograph movement chronometer-certified by the C.O.S.C. Not only is this timepiece astounding technically, but also aesthetically stunning.

Price: £5,100