Bremont & Jaguar Announce Partnership

For decades, the relationship between horology and automobiles has been a strong one – and it’s about to get that much firmer now Jaguar and Bremont have sworn alleigance.

Plenty of big announcements were made at this year’s Baselworld, but very few held similar volume to Bremont and Jaguar’s brand new timepiece. The creation of six chronometers to accompany the lightweight E-Type sportscars proved incredibly popular for the brand and as such, they’ve decided to repeat the same success with a slimmer version in polished stainless steel. Enter the MKI and MKII models.

In addition, a date window at 6 o’clock has been included to the original ‘Lightweight’ blueprint alongside a brand new movement with date functionality, sapphire crystal caseback and a dashboard-inspired finish. It’s even got a mini steering wheel beautifully incorporated into the design.

Both watches are fitted with a 60s-inspired perforated strap – a direct nod to the days of Enzo Ferrari and old school automobile glamour. Furthermore, a traditional leather strap comes with each timepiece for the wearer to opt for something more classic as tastes dictate.


Bremont co-founder, Nick English, provided more insight at the Bremont booth this year.

“When we worked with Ian to create the strictly limited edition of six watches to complement the Lightweight continuation cars, we had no idea that it would lead to a call from so many of the world’s E-Type owners and enthusiasts for a similar watch which was more accessibly priced and more widely available.

“The feedback was so positive and widespread, however, that we decided to find a way of incorporating the look of those iconic E-Type Smiths instruments into a pair of everyday watches.

“Although neither the MKI nor the MKII are limited edition pieces, there will be limited annual production so they will always remain as special as the cars that inspired them.

“They are certainly very meaningful to us, not least because they mark the formalisation of Bremont’s partnership with Jaguar, which means we shall be working closely with Ian and the design team on future projects in the long-term.”