Cartier: The Ultimate Buying Guide Launches

Buying a luxury watch is no cakewalk. It’s hard to choose which brand to go for, narrowing down makes and models endlessly, before one even considers where and how to go about acquiring your favoured timepiece. That’s where The Watch Gallery comes in. We’re excited to announce the launch of our Ultimate Guide to Buying a Cartier, a beautifully interactive online guide packed full of video, images, information, and answers to those long-pondered questions.

After it’s founding in 1847 in Paris, by master jeweller by Louis-François Cartier, the Cartier brand has become synonymous with luxury; now known just as much for its fine watches as its fine jewellery, it truly blurs the line between timepiece and objet d’art.

Cartier’s elegant and timeless designs keep the balance between form and function. Their watches have established signature design features, such as Roman numerals and a blue cabochon on the crown, whilst classic Cartier watches also feature a sunburst effect on the dial (known as a guilloché dial) on a distinctive cream or silver dial. Interested to know more of Cartier’s defining design technique? There’s a small secret signature we disclose in our Ultimate Guide to Buying a Cartier, for your eyes only.

Chapters in the guide include the history of Cartier watches, design- the making of an icon, watches & prices, both men’s and women’s collections, service & repair, and a look at the latest Cartier models.

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