Chanel: Code Coco

This October see’s the launch of Chanel’s newest wristwatch – the Code Coco.  Its mysterious name is a reflection of the whole timepiece which is meant to be intriguing, with slick parts working together to reveal a mixture of sophisticated design elements – like a code.

The Code Coco is a sleek stainless steel and diamond wonder than comes in three models with a different number of diamonds dependant on the variant. An amalgamation of a bracelet and watch, this refined accessory displays the unrivalled innovation from the Parisian couture house.

Like many accessories across the Chanel portfolio, the Code Coco takes inspiration from the iconic 2.55 bag, with the case mimicking the look and feel of the bag’s clasp. The watch’s grid aesthetic is an additional nod to Chanel’s trademark quilted designs. A key feature for the Code is the black lacquered dial with a high-precision quartz movement sitting underneath. The unique dial also features a rotating metal bar which can be set in two positions; one that exposes the time and another that conceals it. Reminding us that this accessory is more than a watch, it is a fine piece of jewellery.

Disrupting tradition and pioneering a new path, Chanel has once again brought a unique watch-hybrid to the market while remaining quintessentially couture.

Discover the Code Coco here