Cocktail Hour

A few have argued that the notion of a cocktail watch is somewhat old-fashioned – a nod to 70s prawn cocktail-fuelled soirees at which the Bee Gees were played with aplomb and all outfits were incredibly flammable. Well, The Watch Gallery couldn’t disagree more: feast your eyes on the finest dress watches that pay homage without packing retro.

First introduced during the roaring Jazz Age of the 20s, cocktail watches were emblematic of absolute excess (aka drinking your bodyweight in gin and ingesting unknown substances long before the warnings of modern science came calling). A recent resurgence has seen diamonds firmly back on the wrist alongside minimalist designs, precious metals and a vaguely utilitarian approach. Luc Perramond, chief executive of La Montre Hermes explained that people “want to accessorise to fit different moments” – and the cocktail watch firmly sits in that twilight period of a (payday) Friday evening.


But why, I hear you cry, do we need such a thing in 2015? As cocktail bars are increasingly swapped for an afternoon in the pub, is the notion of a cocktail watch redundant? Absolutely not. With pure craftsmanship and simplistic detail apparent, the cocktail watch can be worn for a variety of events – and there’s nothing stopping you from saving it as the piece de resistance of your watch collection. Investing a few more pounds sterling may hurt the wallet but it’ll feel incredible on the wrist. Enjoy.