CR7 Assemble

As the TAG Heuer Formula 1 CR7 lands at The Watch Gallery, we’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of all things Ronaldo. But what lies beneath the green facade? We disassemble the premiere piece for a gaze into the clockwock.

With a limited run of just 3,000 watches worldwide, there’s something undeniably special about the Formula 1 CR7. Be it the strikingly simple sports-led design or the world-class sportsman behind the design itself, multiple facets make it a horological must-have – and we’re thrilled to play host as the exclusive retailer.

It’s easy to wax lyrical about a new watch launch (we do sell watches, after all) but let’s get to the nitty gritty: the CR7 has fundamentally gone back to basics. With a comfortable black and green NATO strap alongside three individual chronographs, this piece actually functions as a performance-enhancing timepiece as opposed to just looking like one. A steel beauty on a steel bracelet may look impressive, but it’s hardly the appropriate choice for a day at work followed by a post-office workout and maybe the crafty pint (or six) on a summer Thursday evening.

But let’s consider the technical for a moment. The Ronda 5040D is an exemplary movement that has been the heart and soul of the Formula 1 range thanks to a 54 month standard battery life, 13 jewel gold-plated design and an easily repairable structure. Furthermore, a robust titanium shell adds an element of durability often forgotten in Swiss watchmaking – the CR7 is designed for the active man in mind and as such, needs to withstand everyday rigours. A sizeable case of 42mm provides statement without being cumbersome whilst 316L stainless steel pin and buckle give another edge of reinforcement. We couldn’t go as far to say the CR7 is bombproof, but it’ll still survive plenty.

Taking the brand ethos of #dontcrackunderpressure quite literally, the CR7 presents a new age in everyday watches that you too can enjoy. Retailing at an accessible £1,200, invest in your own slice of Ronaldo-mania today.