David Beckham spotted in Tudor Pelagos LDH

At the announcement of a new Miami Soccer Team, footballing legend and Tudor ambassador was spotted wearing a 500-meter-water-resistant Tudor Pelagos LHD on his left wrist. With a wealth of experience under this belt, the next phases of Beckham’s career entails being a partial owner of a Miami sports team, an as-yet unnamed franchise to be based in Miami.

The Tudor Mr. Beckham opted for is the most water resistant and robust tool watch that Tudor currently makes. With a 42mm diameter and 14.5mm thick, the ceramic-bezeled titanium driver with helium escape valve seems like a natural choice for all sublittoral excursions and even mild beach holidays. Beckham’s choice to pair such a stealthy watch with a suit may be considered a bold move but really proves the versatility in the Tudor design.

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Photo credit: CNN