Gucci: Italians Do It Better

When it comes to blue chip brands, one Florentine label overshadows them all with Italian simplicity and unrivalled design: yes, we’re talking about Gucci. Recognised worldwide for the iconic green and red stripe, this luxury juggernaut began way back in the 19th century with a focus on premium leather goods. Global success was always a given.

Gucci’s foray into the horological world came in the 1970s as a bid to compete with the au Francais heavyweights: Chanel, Hermes and Yves Saint Laurent. Needless to say, the label more than proved itself as a worthy adversary.

Our men’s selection caters to the modern gent; contemporary features have been fused with a classic aesthetic for a highly original accessory and there’s a piece to suit every style. Alternatively, everyday watches can be found in way of colourful accents, steel encasing and sportswear elements.

If you’re looking for something with a more feminine touch, Gucci also caters to the fairer sex with timelessly elegant pieces and a dedication to the finer details. The iconic Interlocking-G is a perfect statement choice whilst the Bamboo, G-Gucci and G-Line all provide a more subtle approach.

Here at The Watch Gallery, Gucci timepieces have been a standout choice thanks to expert craftsmanship and an iconic design. Our elegant collection covers both the analogue and digital but one clear thread unites all – a dedication to timeless luxury. Italians just do it better.