Winding Streets

Geneva is often the city of focus here at The Watch Gallery – granted, it is the modern home of haute horlogerie (and tax dodgers). But what of our own homeshores? After spending countless hours burning the midnight oil on Google at the British Library, it seems London owns a fair slice of the watchmaking pie…

Believe it or not, Britain was something of a horological heavyweight back in the day. That was before we grew a penchant for world wars (not one, but two!), foreign imports and obliteraring our national manufacturing industry. Before all this bother, there was a dedicated contingent of professional watchmakers that really made our capital tick – from George Daniels in Penge, South London to the world famous Hatton Garden.

All is not lost however – there’s been a recent revival of horological interest in not only London, but Great Britain in general (thanks in no small part to the English Brothers at Bremont – bravo chaps). As we look forward to a new dawn of expertly crafted watches, take a walk down our Winding Streets and uncover our national watchmaking history.