Hublot Big Bang

As anyone who has witnessed Sir Alex Ferguson frantically tapping his wrist in the dying minutes of a game will know, watches are integral to the beautiful game. How appropriate, therefore, that luxury Swiss watchmakers Hublot have carved a niche in the beautiful game. Since they struck a sponsorship deal with Manchester Utd in 2008, Sir Alex has had several custom versions of Hublot’s Big Bang to keep an eye on during matches – the ‘Red Devil Bang’ is now in its third iteration.

Diego Maradona, one of the world’s all-time great players (and cheats!), also boasts his own limited-edition Big Bang, emblazoned with his signature and iconic Argentinean squad number. So confident is the diminutive legend that he can pull off a design with an oversize 44.5mm dial, that he actually wore one on each wrist during the most recent World Cup! The official explanation was that he kept one set to local time and one to that of his home in South America. But we suspect he just really likes watches.

When Spain turned out eventual winners of the aforementioned World Cup – a tournament where Hublot were the official timekeepers – they were also honoured with a limited-edition piece. Fans of losing finalists the Netherlands will be dismayed to see that it proudly displays the World Cup trophy surrounded by Spanish colours. It’s limited to just 100 pieces and is already a sought-after collector’s item.

Perhaps the best feature of all Hublot’s football-based Big Bang’s is the chronograph movement. Look closely, and you’ll notice that the minute dial runs up to 45 minutes – the exact length of a half!

For those who prefer their sports on tarmac, however, it’s also worth noting that Hublot have several models to celebrate their status as the official watchmaker of Formula 1. The Hublot Ayrton Senna may not have been worn by the greatest driver who ever lived, but it’s certainly a fitting way to celebrate his life and career.