Hublot: Inside the Brand

Hublot has redefined the term ‘haute horlogerie’ for today’s watch wearer – a fact that cannot be ignored. Whilst classicists weep and modernists cheer, we go inside the maverick brand to discover what really sets Hublot apart.

Whether it be the iconic ‘porthole’ design or the small army of esteemed ambassadors, there is something undeniably unique at stake here. The horological greats are often concerned with all things classic and whilst strength can be found in heritage, Hublot keeps its ostentatious eyes firmly on the future. Risks can and have been made but the brand is one of the few to possess a real niche: Swiss craftsmanship dropped through a modern lense onto the wrists of the bold. Granted, a 42″ Big Bang might not be to everyone’s tastes but there’s something rather commendable about an LVMH shipmate that is unafraid of causing a squint. Subtlety has officially been reserved elsewhere.

So, what else is in line for Hublot? After championing everyone from Bar Refaeli to Usain Bolt, more celebrity collaborations and limited editions are undoubtedly in the running to solidify Hublot as the brand of the grandstander. If you too fancy a peacock touch to the timepiece, you’re in the right place.

We go inside Hublot to discover the inspiration behind the idiosyncrasy – watch above.