Inside the CR7

So what exactly makes the Formula 1 CR7 tick? David chalmers from Calibre 11 picks apart the CR7.

While TAG Heuer has long been associated with the sponsorship of Formula 1 drivers, actors and athletes, its deal with Cristiano Ronaldo announced last year is the first time that the brand has backed a high-profile footballer. And they don’t get much more high profile than Mr CR7, both here in the UK and globally.

Renowned as much as a style icon as a forward, it was no surprise when the partnership led to a limited edition watch – the striking Formula 1 CR7 Edition. But rather than simply adding Ronaldo’s name to the dial, TAG Heuer has instead created a unique design.

The starting point is a Formula 1 quartz Chronograph, with a titanium-carbide coated 42mm steel case using TAG Heuer’s updated F1 case design evoking the heritage of the famous Heuer Autavia of the 1970s. To give the watch a football feel, the watch offers liberal splashes of grass green highlights on the hour-markers, sub-dial markers and hands and the only white details on the dial are the TAG Heuer logo and the over-sized CR7 logo that dominates the 3 o’clock sub-dial. Rather than using a flat dial, the CR7 Formula 1 instead has a checkerboard finish to give the watch a look unlike any other model in the Formula 1 range.

Continuing the green and black theme is the striped nylon strap, known as a NATO strap. What we commonly called a NATO strap today should really be called the G10, the name of the form that British soldiers had to submit to receive the “Strap, Wrist Watch” from their units supply store. The purpose of the strap is that it loops behind the watch to ensure that even if the springbar on one of the lugs breaks, the watch will not fall off the wrist, as it would with a traditional strap. From these military origins, these brightly coloured nylon straps have become fashionable as a casual and sporty alternative to leather straps and works perfectly in summer.

And the summer CR7 Edition will work just as well during a park game of football as it will at the pub post-match. The launch of the TAG Heuer Formula 1 CR7 Edition is exclusive to The Watch Gallery at a very friendly price of £1,200.