Introducing the BR03-94 Rafale

The French are known for a lot of things: baguettes, dogs in cafes, the crime passionnel, long lunch hours (good luck with those conference calls) and the imitable Thierry Henri. But when it comes to fighter jets, our au Francais counterparts are very much the virgin of the skies – till now.

The Dassault Rafale is France’s premiere move into the dogfighting elite, joining the US, Russia, China, Great Britain and every other nation/missile bank in the quest for airborne dominance. As a next generation fighter jet capable of everything from innocuous spy photography to far-less-than-innocuous-and-far-more-terrifying nuclear strikes, the Rafale is, jokes aside, a real feat of technological engineering. And who better to pay homage than the Parisian based conniseurs of craftsmanship, Bell & Ross?

Enter the BR03-94 Rafale: a striking take on the signature square chronograph limited to just 500 pieces worldwide. A strong background in military aviation makes the partnership a clear fit thanks to a shared passion of precision, engineering and technical excellence.

A stalwart matte ceramic case is graced with a silhouette of the Rafale and the dial colour is perfectly matched to the jet fighter’s lick of paint. Furthermore, Arabic numerals add a touch of elegance to an undeniably masculine piece whilst a pop of colour is present on the chronograph hands. It’s not all monochrome misery. Superluminova® coating is then further added to numerals, indices and hour and minute hands and sapphire crystal glass boasts anti-reflective coating – visibility is very much the order of the day.

In order to preserve the streak of modernity, a black rubber stamp with an iconic embossed ‘BR’ logo combines comfort with cohesion – anything more classic would likely deviate from the aviation-centric design. Throw in a 100m water resistance for good measure and you’re onto a spitfire winner.

The Rafale is grounded within utilitarian design and a chronograph is the obvious choice for any discernible pilot (or blue skies wannabe). Combine that with a military-civilian fusion and you’re in for an exceptional timepiece with all the trimmings: we can’t park a fighter jet on your drive but we can certainly place one on your wrist.