The Jaeger-LeCoultre “Reverso” The Watch Gallery Limited Edition

The beauty of a watch can not only be found in its looks, or even in the intricate mechanics of its inner workings, but in the history and philosophy of each collection. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s iconic Reverso has recently celebrated its 85th anniversary; a timepiece that combines aesthetic perfection, technical mastery, with a unique story.

As a world leading fine watch retailer, The Watch Gallery has always held a deep respect and reverence for the great heritage of fine watchmaking. It follows then, that when Jaeger-LeCoultre first sought to create an exclusive timepiece with a valued partner, it would be with The Watch Gallery.

Working closely together, Jaeger-LeCoultre and The Watch Gallery have created a unique piece that honours the pure and dynamic heritage of the Reverso, whilst adding a new page to the story of the iconic collection. An elegant piece featuring a stunning blue-lacquered dial in The Watch Gallery’s signature hue, the Jaeger-LeCoultre “Reverso” The Watch Gallery Limited Edition is marked with a special engraving on the case-back, and is limited to just 30 pieces worldwide.

Invented in 1931 for polo-playing British army officers in India, who were anxious to protect the delicate glass of their timepieces whilst playing the sport; the Reverso and its revolutionary “swivelling” case has enjoyed astonishing success.

As Stéphane Belmont, Creation & Marketing Executive Director of Jaeger-LeCoultre , comments on the Reverso’s timeless style “The Reverso is a pure Art Deco watch, not just in terms of design, but also in terms of philosophy. Art Deco goes far above just ‘design’; it’s a way to combine functionality with design”. A product of the Art Deco movement, yes, but not merely in terms of the discreet lines of the case and dial. The Reverso was born in a time of artistic flux; with artists calling into question the one-dimensionality of classic codes of art, and injecting three-dimensionality into their work. With its moving case, the Reverso is very much of that period, a piece of moveable, adaptable art.


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