Junghans: Live on The Watch Gallery

Deutschland is known for efficiency – football, automobiles and aircraft. Now you can place that same level of expertise right on your wrist, all thanks to Junghans.

Here at The Watch Gallery, we’re proud to introduce this stalwart brand into the fold. The message is simple: traditional workmanship with state-of-the-art technology to produce the finest in haute horlogerie. Whether it’s an every day watch or something reserved for special occasions, each watch is tied by a single thread of minimalist approach and wearability.

Ornate design and intricacy may not be traits of Junghans but that’s where the appeal lies – understated classics beat cluttered statements any day of the week. With 28 pieces to select online, this Schramberg-based brand is a most welcomed addition.

The Meister family (‘meister’ is German for master – don’t say you don’t learn anything on The Watch Gallery) offers a variety of choices from chronographs, blank dials and single date apeture features. First pioneered in the 1930s with consistent redevelopments throughout, the Meister collection caters to tastes across the board.

The Max Bill by Junghans collection on the other hand pays homage to the titular Bauhaus heavyweight. Bill was an innovator of design through fields of architecture, product, painting and sculpture and he formed a historic partnership with Junghans back in the day. Ideal for those that like a minimalist touch.

It won’t be long till your in love – shop this classic brand today for the perfect blend of quality and style. Spot on.