MeisterSinger: Live on The Watch Gallery

The world of fine watches often adheres to a strict benchmark of regulation that remains unchallenged. Well, MeisterSinger is here to change the status quo.

Founded in 2001 by the innovative Manfred Brassler, this German manufacture aims to deliver the cleanest form of time available through the use of a single hand dial. A fine needle point allows the wearer to read exactly to the nearest five minutes without all the usual excess of second hands, chronographs, split-second timers, date apertures and so on and so forth. MeisterSinger brings horology back to basics and in doing so, has reset the playing field.

Typical characteristics of the brand include leading zeroes on the hour digits, increasingly popular high-domed sapphire crystal glass and a typically uncluttered dial. A newly released line of second timezone watches were enabled by this same degree of innovation; Brassler introduced the idea of open date and time disks to create a truly special design. This rotating disk concept is just a smaller scale of the celestial system which we use to tell the time – another creative facet from a relatively young manufacture.

With the success of its watches among buyers, MeisterSinger also raised the level of technical sophistication in its own products. In Switzerland, the company had the perfect movement for its timepieces made to measure; the manually wound MSH01, which has incredible power reserves due to its twin in-line mainspring barrels, is able to guide the single hand with great precision and smoothness. With the design of the movement’s unique bridge, Manfred Brassler successfully merged the technical with the aesthetic ideals of MeisterSinger.

Whilst the older Swiss brands use prestige as their major playing card, MeisterSinger combats this with ingenuity. The only single hand dial on the market may be an acquired taste but thanks to an effortless aesthetic and unique approach to the craft, the MeisterSinger collection makes the perfect everyday watch.