MikroPendulum: TAG Heuer’s World First

The secret to the Pendulum in fact that the oscillator is only reliable at high frequencies. Thus making it perfect to power high-precision Chronographs, but unsuitable for use in a conventional 3-hand watch- at the moment.

As if one watch using the revolutionary Pendulum wasn’t enough, TAG Heuer decided to show off its watchmaking skills with a second model- the similarly named Carrera MikroPendulumS Tourbillon. While the first watch uses a conventional mechanism to power the time-keeping function, both chains in the MikroPendulumS use a Pendulum to regulate time- both as part of a double-tourbillon.

Carrera Mikropendulum

The MikroPendulum- officially still a Concept- uses a 45mm “Bullhead” case, so called because the crown and chronograph pushers are placed on top of the case, rather than on the side as convention usually dictates. The watch has an interesting design, with two-thirds of the dial looking fairly conventional- it’s the bottom one-third that sets the watch apart. The dual tourbillon, each held in place by a Rose Gold bridge, both rotate (see image above)- the Tourbillon on the left three times eatch minute, while the Tourbillon on the right (the one powering the Chronograph) twelve times each minute.

So, given that these two haute horlogerie pieces will be priced well beyond the means of most buyers (and that’s assuming that the MikroPendulumS Tourbillon does make it into production), what relevance do they have for TAG Heuer buyers? The answer is that TAG Heuer is in the final stages of re-building its reputation as one of the world’s finest watchmaking companies, a reputation that the brand had in the 1960s and 70s, before the quartz-crisis took over. Technology and watch-making know-how from the likes of the MikroPendulumS will eventually trickle down to the rest of the range, which is fantastic news for TAG Heuer fans, new and old.

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