Mondaine: Live on The Watch Gallery

Based on the iconic Swiss railway clocks, Mondaine watches are proof that time does travel – and we’re proud to present the collection here on The Watch Gallery.

Classic design and flawless craftsmanship has seen the Mondaine name rise through the ranks to become a firm style staple. Although only founded in 1953 (a teen in the Swiss watch industry, if you will), such an iconic collection has adorned the wrist of traditionalist gents and new school sartorialists alike – there’s always universal appeal with Mondaine.

One shouldn’t get confused, however: Mondaine is by no means a victim of ‘style over substance’. In the 1970s, the brand aided development of the first digital watches with LCD whilst the 80s saw increased exapnsion into Hong Kong and foreign territories and the subsequent release of the M-Watch. Mondaine also played the part of official timekeeper not once but twice of the Tour de Suisse and the CSI between 1997 and 2000. Pretty impressive, no?

No fuss, no extravagance – simplicity really is the order of the day and nothing can beat the proven classics. Shop Mondaine and invest in a piece of contemporary Swiss culture.