Montblanc Launches New e-Strap

The advent of technology can be a polarising force, especially within the old age arena of haute horlogerie.

Mechanical expertise and Apple-fuelled gadgetry have waged battle ever since the announcement of the iWatch and upon first glance, it would seem the two industries are diametrical opposites in every sense. But, who says the two cannot be combined? And why can’t we enter a new age of ‘tech luxe’?  Montblanc has tackled these questions with gusto and as a result, has negotiated a rather splendid ceasefire: enter the TimeWalker Urban Speed e-strap.

Featuring an interchangeable strap, the Maison’s newest release adds contemporary functionality to Swiss traditionalism via an abundance of features. Think integrated technology, fitness activity tracker, smart notifications, remote controls, Find-Me functions and social media updates – all courtesy of a Bluetooth Low Energy connection.

Smart notifications are of particular interest; in a time when you can’t even eat your breakfast without some friend tagging you in a blurry-eyed photo from New Year’s Eve, e-strap vibrations alert the wearer of incoming communications. Furthermore, it enables email previews, status updates, meeting reminders, incoming call alerts and text messages to boot.

Never before has such hi-tech functionality been achieved by means of traditional elegance, and one can be sure of exciting times ahead. 2015 is off to an interesting start to say the least.