MotionX® and Frederique Constant: What’s It All About?

It’s all well and good shouting about the savvy credentials of a smartwatch, but what exactly makes it ‘smart’? As the Frederique Constant Smartwatch lands exclusively at The Watch Gallery, we get to grips with all this MotionX® business.

So, what even is it? CEO of Fullpower (the big company behind the app) described MotionX as a “patented sleep and activity monitoring ecosystem that includes circuit design, sensor-fusion firmware, communications stacks, smartphone apps, and cloud infastructure.” Granted that’s a lot of Silicon Valley buzzwords for one sentence, but MotionX in a nutshell records your sleep and exercise patterns in order to chart and then improve your regime, or lack thereof. The Horological Smartwatch is the means of monitoring such information and provides a non-invasive way of communicating this – meaning you won’t feel a tap on the wrist for text messages or an eerie alert for emails. So far, so good.

Available on all mobile operating systems, MotionX is one of the few apps to pacify the Apple vs. Android warzone by being openly usable to all. Furthermore, the Horological Smartwatch and accompanying system supplies clever little things called algorithms, something you’ll no doubt have previously heard of. Basically put, these complicated series of codes aid in accurately measuring fitness and sleep levels that are completely unique to MotionX. These algorithms dictate software that can tell the difference between cycling, sleeping, sprinting and sitting on your backside – all incredibly important when the sole aim is charting physical activity. The Horological Smartwatch knows exactly what you’re doing to allow you to tailor and fine-tune fitness.

It’d be easy to think that MotionX is a knee-jerk reaction to the Apple tech-tsnumai – but you’d be wrong. For the last four years, Fullpower has ran sleep and activity labs with the purpose of studying biomechanics of the natural human motion, a research phase that has been going since 2003. All this gathering of data developed the MotionX concept and improved compatibilty with cable and Bluetooth-based wearable devices. From there, said data can be transferred to a cloud-based platform, displayed on your phone or connect to social media if you want to brag about just how healthy you are.

So, what does all this mean for the Horological Smartwatch? In short, the bonuses of MotionX allow the piece to perform the following:

  • Activity and sleep measurement via app
  • Setting goals, targets and alerts for future fitness and rest regimes
  • Smaller dial displays activity through the day as a percentage of the set goals
  • Distance travelled and calories burned recording
  • Light sleep deep Vs review
  • All functions are accessed using various techniques and push buttons on the watch – meaning no display screens or digital dials

The allure of the Horological Smartwatch is the seamless fusion between haute horlogerie and hi-technicality; you can indeed don a dress watch that provides digital monitoring without cold steel and LEDs. MotionX simply adds another practical layer to an already beautiful piece and at £870, Frederique Constant offers 5 different styles with a very modest price tag. Doesn’t get much better than that.