New Summits

Like a phoenix from the (horological) ashes, Alpina looks towards a new dawn in the new year.

History: a concept that has hypnotised the Swiss watchmaking industry for decades – and rightly so. The dark days of the seventies and eighties saw rise to cheaper quartz alternatives from the Far East and, as a result, European counterparts were pushed to breaking point. Our favourite brands weren’t finished off quite so easily however and Swiss watchmaking remained buoyant.

Unfortunately, Alpina did not initially survive and it took the husband and wife duo behind Frederique Constant to revive the brand in 2002. Innovation, a new direction and a splash of investment brought the collection back to life and heritage shone once more.

Alpina was largely responsible for the concept of the modern Swiss sports watch with the ‘Alpina 4’ offering all the essential features we take for granted: anti-magnetism, anti-shock, water-resistance and stainless steel. Branching out from this, Alpina has placed a focus on all things cool and understated with a collection of modern, contemporary and elite watches with a 130 year history to match. The heavyweights may always dominate but there’s always room for a cooler sibling watch brand.

Watch this space for a mature range of diving watches, aviation chronographs and even a tourbillion based on Frederique Constant’s in-house movement – the Alpiner 4. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s without a doubt going to be a good year for Alpina.