The New TAG Heuer Lady Link

TAG Heuer reworks its famous Link design for women, featuring the signature bracelet with the S-shaped links

It can often seem like the great and the good of new watch launches are aimed at a particular type of customer- a male. So for those of you feeling undervalued by what’s new in watches, we have some news. TAG Heuer has reworked the famous Link collection in an exclusive series of watches just for women.

It’s a design that dates back to 1987, with a highly distinctive bracelet; its links in the shape of an S. The Link became iconic due to its pleasingly ergonomic design, offering the ultimate in wearer comfort thanks to its rounded links resulting in an exceptionally smooth feel on the wrist.

What’s changed? The new Lady Link features a strap fully integrated into the case, whose horns have been removed. The finishes too, have been updated, with the entire contour of the S radiating a highly polished shine, and the upper surface of each link fully brushed.

Available in either steel or, for the first time, made entirely in ceramic, the new Link collection boasts three strikingly different styles. With all featuring a mother-of-pearl dial, steel models come with, or without, diamonds on the bezel. There’s a polished black ceramic version, and finally the completely matt black ceramic. The ceramic models reinforce the innovative attitude TAG Heuer is known for; made of what TAG Heuer is proclaiming as the “perfect material for the watchmaking world”. Incredibly hard and yet soft to the touch, ceramic watches are highly scratch-resistant and keep their original colour as boldly as they did the day they were made, free from oxidisation. To boot, it’s hypoallergenic, and lighter than steel.

When many brands offer scaled-down versions of their men’s bestsellers as women’s options, it’s always refreshing to see a major fine watch brand focus on that million-dollar question, what do women want? With this reworking of a classic, TAG Heuer may have answered. Elegance, comfort, and refinement.