Ones To Watch: Karlmond Tang

London Collections: Men has graced the capital once more with a heady mixture of fashion, style and more sockless gentlemen than you’ve ever seen. To celebrate, we bring you the third instalment of our Ones To Watch series – a shortlist of digital trailblazers set to recongifugre the industry. Enter Karlmond Tang.

Whilst Mr Boy may not have been the first outfit-driven style blog, it was most definitely placed founder Karlmond Tang at the menswear forefront. Daily inspiration was at our fingertips and instead of girls with one hand on their hip in a flower garland that looked like a remnant from the back end of Glastonbury, we were presented with a guy that knew his menswear, knew his brands and knew his tailoring – Mr Boy was a gamechanger. Since then, Tang’s editorial format has grown to include brand features and travel pieces that keep us hooked.

The Watch Gallery luckily caught a minute with Mr Boy himself to chat prescription lenses and judging a man by his watch.

What’s your desert island menswear piece that you can’t be without?

I have a bag with me at all times. And prescription sunglasses – I’m one of those posers (losers) who wears them indoors.

What does style mean to you?

Expressing one’s self through means of clothing, if you’re looking for a dictionary response. It’s more about personality though. I think style encompasses your demeanour, your grooming habits, the way you sit; stand; eat – they’re all factors within style. I think it can be most things you see from the outside.

How important do you think watches are in terms of being a well-dressed gent?

While I believe you either wear watches or you don’t, I’d say they are very important. I judge a guy by his watch as much as I would his shoes. In a day and age where you can talk into your headphones to find out what the time is, watches don’t seem to be all that relevant utility-wise. Really though, I think they hold much more importance than just functionality, I think the sort of people who collect or invest in watches take great pride in their wrist companion.

What is your dream timepiece?

While I rarely take off my hand-me-down Datejust, I’ve always had my eye on the Cartier Tank. The Tank Solo will always be one of my favourite dress watches, and I can’t imagine wanting to wear anything else in black tie – the best time if there ever was one to don a luxury watch. 

A beautiful combination of past and present styles, a rectangular stainless steel case measuring 34.8 x 27.4mm reaches only 5.5mm in thickness.

The silver dial has numerals which are enhanced by the sapphire crystal glass whilst Cartier’s signature blue steel hands perfectly complement the synthetic spinel cabochon set crown.

Powered by a Cartier calibre 690 quartz battery, the watch is secured by a black alligator leather strap with an adjustable deployment buckle.

Water resistant to 30 metres is present and, to top it all off, this luxury pieces comes with a 2 year Cartier warranty.