Rare White Gold Rolex to be auctioned at Phillips

Following the sale success Paul Newman’s Daytona, Phillips has announced that they will be auctioning a unique white gold Rolex Daytona in an upcoming Daytona Ultimatum.

The Rolex Daytona reference 6265 in question was first created in 1970 and at this time vintage Daytonas were only made in stainless steel, 18ct yellow gold and 14ct yellow gold for the American market. The Rolex on offer was sold through a German retailer and was likely to be a special order. With an alluring white dial and hallmarks in tact, this is truly a very unique Rolex. While the unusual bracelet is not the original, it is a genuine Rolex bracelet and the flamboyant bark-finished bracelet adds a discerning touch.

With the vintage market becoming increasingly popular, enthusiasts are already expecting the watch to go in excess of CHF 3 million. With the Paul Newman Daytona fetching $17.8m, the final gavel price on this watch is simply anyone’s guess.

A nice side to this story is that the watch is being sold to benefit the charity Children Action; with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity.

As the watch auction isn’t till May, you might want to peruse our Rolex collection here.

Photo credit: Phillips