Rolex Servicing at The Watch Gallery

At The Watch Gallery we understand how precious your Rolex is. That is why we offer our customers a comprehensive range of services on-site at our One Hyde Park boutique for your convenience. Our fully accredited Rolex watchmaker Jamie completes all repairs and services from start to finish ensuring due care and attention is paid to even the finest detail.

Everyday use of your Rolex will inevitably lead to different stresses and strains being placed on the watch. For that reason we recommend that you have your Rolex serviced by an expert watchmaker every 3-5 years.

Our service includes fully dismantling the entire watch case and mechanism, checking every individual part for any signs of wear. It is then reassembled ensuring it is perfectly lubricated and adjusted to function at its intended high level of performance.

The case and bracelet are thoroughly cleaned and refurbished to ensure the watch is looking its best when returned to our clients. We also change every rubber seal in the case to ensure the watch is water proof as part of our final testing and inspection processes.

Jamie trained to be a Watchmaker at The Rolex Watch Company, undertaking a 4 year apprenticeship which included a 3 week assessment at their world headquarters in Geneva. He went on to spend 8 years working for Rolex London, before joining The Watch Gallery as our full time in-house watchmaker.

We guarantee all work carried out for 2 years. This does not cover any damage or faults that have been caused by misuse. To find out more or book your Rolex in for servicing, please fill out the contact form below.

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