SevenFriday: New Kids on the Block

The opportunity to introduce The Watch Gallery’s partnership with SevenFriday is an exciting prospect and one that bears a significant responsibility to do justice to a brand that is fast becoming a radical presence within the luxury watch world. Indeed, SevenFriday foregoes much of the criteria that often seem a prerequisite to success within this illustrious industry.

Inside SevenFriday’s innovative world, the traditional focus on heritage and history is replaced by a striking lack of content. This however, is both a result of the brand’s relative infancy- SevenFriday was founded in 2012- as well as a purposeful focus on action and aesthetic. This is summarised assertively by the bold slogan: “show us don’t tell us”; a clear indication of their belief that actions speak louder than words.

SevenFriday P-Series Orange Model

Indeed, as Founder Daniel Niederer succinctly clarifies: “a good design does not need explaining.”Naturally therefore, SevenFriday’s stunning and avant-garde designs tie in nicely to their progressive philosophy and are -if possible- even more subversive.  Inspired by industrial intrigue, from the architecture of plants to the innermost workings of engines, SevenFriday have created two collections, titled P-Series and M-Series.

SevenFriday P-Series P2-1 Model

In spite of this collective association, each model is truly unique with their vibrant colours and sophisticated dials a clear and modern departure from more conventional and conservative horology. To this end, these timepieces seem to defy categorisation. As Niederer tells it, they are perhaps “modern-classic”; but, in true SevenFriday fashion, he doesn’t like to categorise them.

Another exception SevenFriday takes to the rules is with regard to price. The quality and design of these timepieces has created the perception of a high price-point. Fortunately for us all- however, these dynamic watches are available at a truly accessible price. Who said luxury couldn’t be cool, contemporary and affordable?

SevenFriday watches are available to buy now at The Watch Gallery, Westfield London and online here