Shinola: Live on The Watch Gallery

All American appeal is usually reserved for Harley-Davidsons, 4th July firework displays and the occasional Lana Del Rey music video – not the world of watches. Well, that’s all about to change: Shinola has landed at The Watch Gallery.

Operating under a motto of “American luxury through American quality”, Shinola’s all encompassing concept is a grassroots success story through and through. Detroit has long been known as a place of prior prosperity and as industry has declined, so too has its reputation as a workshop mecca. Intent on revitalisation, Shinola has created a new generation of craftsmen by basing all of their operations, apprenticeships and manufacturing on home soils, in good old Detroit.

And now you too can enjoy some transatlantic horology. As fresh arrivals in the Gallery portfolio, three incredible collections are available to peruse online that offer the same distinctive Shinola concept. A mechanical aesthetic pays homage to the brand’s industrial roots whilst granting heritage appeal – mechanical design is always a timeless choice.

The Runwell family offers timepieces that sit at an impressive 47mm on the wrist, yet this sizeable statement lets simplicity do the talking. A clean and classic dial comes in shades of white, navy, green, brown and black to suit every taste and include a traditional pin and buckle closure. Furthermore, a ‘Natural Aniline Latiga’ Horween leather strap adds that final touch of craftsmanship. Sport and chronograph options are also available.

Alternatively, the Brakeman collection adds a further mechanical edge to the Shinola design. A squared case and dial (cushion-shaped, to be precise) is undeniably more masculine and different variations of the Brakeman offer different features: date apertures, chronographs and Argonite 5030 high-accuracy quartz movements.

And finally, the Birdy acts as the ladies line for Shinola – but don’t be fooled into thinking they’re just a token gesture. This particular model packs all the prestige and statement of the men’s range. Delicate details and done-to-death diamonds are nowhere to be seen.

If, like us, you’re dying to see ‘where American is made’, invest today and take your wristwatch to the next level.