The TAG Heuer Aquaracer

Like a horological piano accordion, the Aquaracer 300m and 500m ranges began as visually distinct models, before coming together as close cousins when the Aquaracer 500m was redesigned in 2012.

And now, two years later the two models draw apart again as TAG Heuer releases an updated Aquaracer 300m for 2014.

The new Aquaracer 300m brings an updated case and bezel design to an expanded number of dial colours and an enhanced quartz line-up featuring its own bespoke dial.

The Aquaracer is the oldest continuous series in today’s TAG Heuer range, beginning life as the Heuer 2000 back in 1982. In fact, the 2000 was the last model launched under Jack Heuer’s stewardship and continued until 2004 when the series changed its name to Aquaracer, but with a design that stayed true to the 2000’s heritage.

The new 40.5mm case has a more chiselled look than its predecessor and features a combination of polished and brushed surface finishes. Also new for 2014 is the bezel, which is now squared-off with a flat facet between each of the six studs, rather than finishing in a point. These changes give the Aquaracer a bolder look that contrasts with the rounder, more organic look of the Aquaracer 500m.

The first branch of the new family is the mechanical model, powered by TAG Heuer’s Calibre 5 movement. The Calibre 5 Aquaracer is available in a steel case with four dials colours (Silver, Black, Anthracite and Blue) that each has a strong horizontal steak pattern. For lovers of the bi-metal look, there are also two Steel/ Gold watches (one Yellow Gold and one Rose Gold), both of which feature a silver dial.

Moving to the quartz side of the range, there is a unique dial that offers a “Starburst” centre circle and an external azurage. There are three dial options for the Steel models (Black, Silver and Blue) , and again two Steel/ Gold options.

In terms of how you attach the Aquaracer 300m to your wrist, you now have three choices- a newly designed rubber strap, a stainless steel bracelet borrowed from the Grand Carrera range and- in a first for TAG Heuer– a NATO strap, which offers a great casual alternative.

The other good news is that TAG Heuer have focused on holding down the prices of the new series, you can check out the new range at The Watch Gallery today, with all models in stock.