The Definitive Zenith Buying Guide

Zenith Watches are some of the most desired in the world but often do not recieve the recognition they deserve in the UK. So this week I went down to our Chelsea Boutique on Fulham Road, London to talk to our Manager Tony to find out why you should choose a Zenith as your next watch and help spread the word…

Chelsea Boutique Manager Tony Sofocli

Tony Sofocli

What is it that you love about Zenith Watches?


Zenith is a true watch Manufacture that has been producing all its parts in-house since 1865. For that reason it’s a real purist’s watch brand. After a challenging 30 years the appointment of Jean-Frédéric Dufour as CEO in 2009 has seen the beginning of a new chapter in the Zenith story. The company is now moving forward by being faithful to its historical values.

From a watchmaking point of view the attraction is simple: the Zenith El Primero. In the El Primero the company produce the best automatic high frequency chronograph available. No watch collection can be called complete if it does not include a Zenith El Primero. The movement beats at 36,000 VPH making it the worlds most accurate and comes at exceptional value.

What makes the El Primero so special?

Aside from the technical aspects the El Primero has a real romance about it. Zenith was one of the first brands to introduce the open windowed dial showcasing the movement which really adds depth to the design. Zenith’s craftsmen have also been able to add further functions as shown by the imperious El Primero Striking 10th.

It’s a very versatile movement that can be used in many different watch cases. It’s testament to Zenith’s watchmakers that modified versions of the movement have been used by other prestigious brands in some of their key lines.

Zenith El Primero

Inside the Zenith El Primero

How would you describe the look and feel of a Zenith Watch?

Whether you are looking at the El Primero, Pilot, Captain or Heritage collection, the first thing that strikes you about Zenith is the subtle, clean lines of the case design. Nothing is wasted on a Zenith Watch; all models can be used as an instrument if required. By choosing Zenith you are making a statement and a very handsome one at that.

If you could own just one Zenith…?

I would have to choose the Zenith El Primero Striking 10th Chronograph. This watch pays homage to Zenith’s history with the 3 coloured sub-dials and the case design. In recent years the Striking 10th has been enlarged from 39mm to 42mm providing it with more contemporary dimensions.