The Tribes Part I: The Techie

As the first in our brand new series, The Watch Gallery looks at the discernible watch wearers of our world: colloquially known as ‘The Tribes’. Without further adieu gentleman, meet the Techie.

Let’s cut to the chase. There are plenty of different men. And, as such, there are plenty of different watches. Some demand the most ostentatious model going whilst others may prefer something simpler; you may have a hankering for all things haute horlogerie or like a dial with every measurement of seconds, minutes, hours, dekaminute, kilosecond, Olympiads and so on and so forth.

But for now, let us concentrate on one species of man – the Techie, a man who desires the cutting edge in technology, an edge so sharp it could slice a Zenith El Primero in two (including the oscillating Côtes de Genève weight). Recognise that model immediately? You’re a Techie my friend, there’s no doubt about it. Embracing geekery of some form is nothing to be ashamed of, much to the contrary; it means you’re passionate about something and passion is something to be respected.

However, tarring every Techie with the same timepiece would be inaccurate and ignorant – and The Watch Gallery is anything but horologically oblivious. Several watches can match every requirement of this particular tribe and our handpicked selection should make even the most ardent Techie smile.


Granted, this technological little beauty may never see a drop of water in its lifetime but the Oris Diving Aquis Titan is much more than a simple dive watch. Cool yet technically complex. 

Key Features:
Titanium case material, anti-reflective coating, ultra-comfort rubber strap, seconds chronograph with date apeture at 6 o’clock.

Techie Qualification: The minor details really make the Aquis Titan a superior timepiece – to the point it can withstand an underwater depth of 300m.

Price: £1,650



This steel-mounted classic has something for every horological Tom, Dick and Harry with moonphase, dual date window and even a semi-open dial for a cheeky bit of movement porn.  

Key Features:
Swiss made, ceramic case, quartz movement, superluminova hands and indicators for extra visibility, scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass.

Techie Qualification: The El Primero Grande Date is often seen as the highest within the Zenith catalogue and with an unrivalled level of complexity, you’ll have ample bragging rights sat on your wrist.

Price: £9,300



Technology isn’t the only route to success, as proven by the WW2 Regulateur Heritage from Bell & Ross. Luftwaffe dogfights may be a thing of the past but this extraordinary timepiece is very much of the present.

Key Features:
Statement 49mm case, separation of time information on the dial, bi-directional notched bezel, chronograph facility. 

Techie Qualification: As a watch steeped in history, the Regulateur’s holds much appeal to the Techie thanks to pure unadulterated prestige.


Price: £4,300









Haute horlogerie often favours the traditional, yet Breguet has fused both classic and contemporary qualities in one technical piece. It doesn’t get much better than this.  

Key Features:
18-carat silvered gold dial, steel case with black rhodium accents, date aperture at 6 o’clock, 65-hour power reserve.


Techie Qualification: The prestige of unparalleled luxury with all the practicality of a tech-focused watch – pretty much the ultimate Techie choice.


Price: £11,100