The Tribes Part III: The Grandstander

Welcome to the third instalment of our Tribes series, in which our audience meets the Grandstander – contrary to popular belief, all that glisters is most definitely gold.

Luxury, whilst attaintable to a few, is now understood by many. No longer do the masses think Veuve Clicquot is a European Member of Parliament and now, the likes of Balmain and Tom Ford are in the public vernacular as opposed to front row fashion luvvies. So, what has caused this mass education? Was it Instagram? No. Was it Twitter? Nope. Was it The Only Way Is Essex? Okay, now you’re being stupid.

It was a fine fellow named the Grandstander (probably). Plenty of famous men of fine taste fall into the category and this particular Tribe is known for all things bling. Big pricetags deserve big statements and as such, watches are treated with an equal measure of seriousness and fun. And after all, why ever not? What’s the point in dropping your inheritance on an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore if you can’t pair it with table service at Mahiki and a valet service for your Lamborghini Mercy?

The Grandstander is a chap that teaches us to be unafraid, to be confident in the statement on our wrist. Diamonds may not be to everyone’s taste but you can’t knock a man for having all the self-assurance and, dare I say it, ‘swag’ of Jay-Z when he wakes up every morning and realises his wife is Beyonce. You’d feel pretty special too.

Let us all learn a lesson from the Tribe of the Grandstander: sometimes, a timepiece really is a showpiece and should be worn accordingly.



The ultimate timepiece of the Grandstander, the Royal Oak Offshore has been worn by every Tribe member possible: Arnold Schwarznegger, Lil Wayne, Dwayne Johnson (more commonly known as ‘The Rock’ before the big rebrand), Nicki Minaj – the list is endless. Craftsmanship and statement in one beautiful watch.

Key Features:
Sizeable 42mm diameter, rose gold case, Arabic numerals with luminscient coating, 22-carat gold oscillating weight, 59 jewel design.

Grandstander Qualification: An iconic brand + statement design + lots of gold = Grandstander’s dream.

Price: £29,700



Hublot have carved an identity through catering to the Grandstander and were one of the first watch manufactures to really jump aboard the concept of a celebrity ambassador. Cue millions of fans (and millions in revenue).

Key Features:
Swiss-made, 44mm diameter, titanium case, automatic movement, sapphire crystal glass, 100m water resistance.

Grandstander Qualification: A sportswatch dynamic fused with instantly identifiable branding – what more could you want?

Price: £15,000



Considered more Lagerfeld than Coco Chanel, the J12 is the epitome of statement branding. An ideal choice for anybody that wants to channel a Swiss-made watch outside the usual Genovese sphere.

Key Features:
Chronograph function, Arabic numerals, 41mm ceramic case, 42-hour power reserve, 200m water resistance, superluminova hands and indicators. 

Grandstander Qualification: Come on, it’s Chanel. Need we say anymore?


Price: £5,200









Realistically, this little beauty isn’t going to touch a glass of water unless you topple your Cava in the club. Not a problem: it’s still an exceptionally designed dive watch to suit smart and casual ensembles.

Key Features:
Swiss-made, quartz movement, sapphire crystal glass, durable rubber strap, 200m water resistance.


Grandstander Qualification: Someone looking to break into the Tribe without breaking the brand.


Price: £695






Roger Dubuis channel a multitude of influences that all pander to the Grandstander: automobiles, precious metals, futuristic design and unparalleled craftsmanship. Enough said, really.

Key Features:
Swiss-made, 42mm rose gold case, automatic movement, satin-brushed dial, sapphire crystal glass, 30m water resistance.

Grandstander Qualification: It’s big, it’s bold and it’s delightfully brash in the best possible way.

Price: £21,000