The Watch Gallery & Bremont

Back in 2007, when a niche English watch brand teamed up with a growing and very British watch store, the result was an enduring partnership made in timekeeping heaven…

The latest edition of Revolution magazine features a joint interview with Bremont’s co-founders Nick and Giles English (pictured top middle and right) and The Watch Gallery’s Chairman David Coleridge (pictured top left). We’ve picked out some of the highlights below…

The Story of Bremont & The Watch Gallery

“We were launching Bremont in July 2007, so in April we headed out with a suitcase of samples,” says Nick English. “We met Adrian Maronneau, director of buying and merchandising at The Watch Gallery, and he decided to take a chance and put us in to the store. For Bremont, it was perfect. The Watch Gallery is the pinnacle of watch boutiques and there really was no better store to be associated with.”

Nick and Giles appreciate that Bremont may not have had the opportunity to become a part of The Watch Gallery had Maronneau and David Coleridge not been so passionate about the ‘Britishness’ of the brand. Nick continues: “It meant a lot to them and they gave us a chance because of it. They looked after us – and in return they expected us to deliver our best. I suppose you could say that we have grown together as companies and we have supported each other. The thing that makes them different is that these guys genuinely cared about helping British manufacturing.”

“The Watch Gallery is the pinnacle of watch boutiques and there really is no better store to be associated with.”

Bremont Co-founder Nick English

The Watch Gallery’s Chairman David Coleridge remembers the Bremont brothers fondly, saying that it was their total commitment to succeed that convinced him to give them a go. He saw in the fledgling brand a mirror image of his own company, with a comparable degree of passion for business and the people who work in it.

The Watch Gallery Stores & Online

Like Bremont, The Watch Gallery is still a relatively young company and prides itself on being close to both the market and suppliers. As a watch retailer, Coleridge wants his boutiques to be the stores of choice for customers, providing the best selection of watches combined with the best service and doing this with enough passion to stand out from the crowd.

“When online selling is done well – as in the case of The Watch Gallery – then it is a fantastic tool.” says Nick. He points to the original photography, lifestyle content and concierge service on the The Watch Gallery’s website that “almost make you feel like you are in a shop” and stresses the importance of an online service backed up with access to real and experienced people who are every bit as trained as sales staff in bricks-and-mortar stores.

The full article is available in the summer print issue of watch lifestyle magazine Revolution.