The Watch Gallery Presents the Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch

The term ‘smartwatch’ usually conjures images of rubber straps, soulless steel and the jarring sight of somebody conversing with their wrist. Well, Frederique Constant has a welcome alternative – and it won’t make you look like an extra in Blade Runner.

After the post-Apple Baselworld hype this year, ‘smartwatches’ were the order of the day with everyone from Gucci and to TAG Heuer and a ‘connected’ timepiece diving for the digital. Although a tech-infused apocalypse may be some time away, wearable technology holds great ramifications for the Swiss watch industry – doom and demise, another quartz crisis or a route for development? It seems the Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch provides the perfect solution.

As the exclusive retailer of the piece, The Watch Gallery is proud to present a watch that draws on contemporary motifs without losing the classic charm of Swiss horology, and the Frederique Constant Smartwatch manages to provide optimum functionality without overdosing on stainless steel and LEDs. It looks likes a classic dress watch. It wears like a classic dress watch. It is a classic dress watch, except you’ve got smartwatch facilities hidden within a traditional case.

The smart element itself lies in unique MotionX® technology that logs everything from sleeping patterns to fitness regimes, all easily communicated via a downloadable app for Apple and Android smartphones. The lack of a digital screen (again, note the emphasis on classicism) is replaced with hand-cut diamonds that analogically displays readings on the dial – another sterling example of the Smartwatch bypassing the usual stereotypes. Plus, you need never charge this beauty once – a connected movement provides 25 months of battery life.

Starting at just £870, the Horological Smartwatch comes in 5 different styles that can move from gym to boardroom to bar with ease. Just don’t expect to play Candy Crush on it.