Tissot: Live On The Watch Gallery

At The Watch Gallery, it’s far too easy for us to wax lyrical on the benefits of Swiss horology: insert 17th century founding date here, a dash of prestigious history there and a hometown of Neuchatel or somewhere or other and so on and so forth. But now and again, a brand comes through that proves the au Suisse old guard still has plenty to offer – in this instance, it’s Tissot.

Since 1853, this father-son venture has always pandered to what the people want: the desires of the masses are no bad thing after all. Point in case, Tissot pioneered the first mass-produced pocket watch in addition to providing a dual timezone function; they crafted the first anti-magnetic watch in 1929 and went on to conquer the Russian Empire (horologically speaking, that is – lest we upset any ex-KGBers). The same company was also the first to make a timepiece entirely out of plastic, stone, mother of pearl and wood and whilst some of these materials may seem somewhat unusual in the grand year of 2015, they also show a real streak of innovation.

Crafting accessible timepieces for all is a rather demoratic approach to watchmkaing and Tissot has further cemented itself as a household name through various ‘official timekeeping’ roles. And we mean various. The International Fencing Federation, the International Baksetball Federation, the FIM Superbike World Championship, MotoGP, the 17th Asian Games Incheon and CBA Official Timekeeper (not to be confused with the MSN Messenger slang ‘can’t be arsed’ circa 2004). By catering to a menagerie of global sporting events, Tissot has successfully grounded itself within every facet of athletic life and as such, offers timepieces to suit every taste.

And now, we can welcome Tissot to their newest home at The Watch Gallery where you can acquire ultimate Swiss craftsmanship at an attainable price tag. Available from just £140, invest in an everyday timepiece that keeps both affordability and quality on the wrist. Enjoy.