Top 5 Most Talked About Watches At Baselworld

Literally thousands of new watches were debuted at the annual Baselworld watch and jewellery tradeshow in Basel, Switzerland this year 2013.

What you love is a matter of taste and budget, but these five were most certainly the most talked about by the many thousands of attendees and show exhibitors. They represent the height of fashion, technology, and what amounts to a great watch.

Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph Dark Side of the Moon

Hands down the most widely loved new watch is inherently a line extension of the popular Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph watch collection with an in-house Omega caliber 9300 chronograph movement.

What’s special about the Dark Side of the Moon version? For the first time Omega will release a Speedmaster in a ceramic case.

The black ceramic case is beautifully rendered in just the right shade of black with proper Speedmaster styling and polishes.

The dial of the watch, also in ceramic, matches the style of the case. On a black Cordura strap the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon is light, sporty, and the perfect blend of horological heritage and modern style.

Tudor Fastrider Black Shield

Ceramic is more than in, it fast becoming a rival to even steel. Almost impossible to scratch when machined properly, Rolex’s Tudor brand has released a handful of “Black Shield” versions of their Fastrider chronograph watches in matte black ceramic cases.

Either with red or sandy gold hands and hour markers, this is a brilliantly designed high quality sport watch with a youthful appeal.

Albeit one that is able to satisfy even the most demanding sport watch aficionados. The Fastrider Black Shield was a surprise hit and sign of what Tudor is trying to become.

Rolex Daytona Platinum

It disappointed a lot of people to learn that Rolex was not going to update the Cosmograph Daytona watch for 2013. With Baselworld falling on the 50th anniversary of the original Daytona, it would have been an ideal time to update the Daytona that has not received any evolutionary changes in a while. This year did however see the introduction of one new Daytona model.

It is probably one of the heaviest watches I’ve ever held in my hands, but that is because the 2013 Daytona comes in a solid platinum case, with a solid platinum bracelet. Platinum however was not the focus of attention when discussing the new Daytona.

Instead, with its brown ceramic bezel and ice blue dial, its fashionability was called into question. The answer is that on the wrist it actually looks great.

Harry Winston Opus XIII

French watch maker Ludovic Ballouard worked with Harry Winston on the newest Opus watch for 2013; the Opus XIII. The watch features a mystery style display and large facet-cut smoked sapphire crystal in the center of the dial.

A highly polarizing design, the Opus XIII nevertheless has a clearly cool movement designed by Mr. Ballouard which utilizes a separate barrel just to power all the “jumping” elements of the dial.

The Opus XIII was also part of a larger discussion on Harry Winston’s purchase by the Swatch Group, and speculation that it might be one of the last Opus watches to be released.

Ressence Type 3

The founder of Ressence watches looked tired toward the end of Baselworld 2013. Sitting at his small table in the area filled with independent watch makers, he was constantly harassed by interested parties.

They came to see his new Type 3 watch in action after a deluge of internet hype after he officially released his new oil-filled watches.

Building on the slick concept of his previous watches, the Type 3 is a beautiful and legible timepiece with a gorgeous display that looks like a solid, flat element.

Pricey at almost $35,000 for a novel watch from an independent brand; the fully mechanical Type 3 watch is proof that a little bit of outside the box thinking is all that is necessary to innovate in the world of mechanical wrist watches.