Tudor’s North Flag and the Hudson River Project

Getting to work in winter is usually an expedition too far for your Average Joe. Well, imagine crafting a boat from NYC’s waste, carrying it to Lake Tear of the Clouds, source of the Hudson River, and then undertaking a 300-mile trip through snow, ice, rapids and international shipping lanes to reach New York City once again – its one arduous commute for James Bowthorpe and Tudor.

The Hudson River to New York is what the Thames is to London, the Seine to Paris, the Nile to Cairo – a lifeline that the city depends upon and without which wouldn’t exist. As is often the case with the world’s biggest hubs, it’s easy to forget just how important these rivers are in connecting a population to the environment – and how easy it is to neglect. James Bowthorpe (quintessential British explorer – another homegrown hero for the books) has teamed up with the Hudson River Project to reframe exactly how we perceive sustainability by partaking in a 300-mile trip with a Tudor North Flag as essential kit.

The Tudor-supported British North Greenland Expedition of 1952 tackled some of the most extreme conditions known to man and Tudor, inspired by the issued watches of this trip, set out to craft the most hard-wearing watch possible. The North Flag is fitted with Tudor’s very first Manufacture movement for ultimate precision and expert reliability – a befitting choice as the modern adventurer’s watch.


With a COSC-certified chronometer movement, this robust piece also offers a silicone balance spring, full shockproofing, waterproofing up to 100m depths and a white Super Luminova dial for visibility whatever the light – all features that render the North Flag as a purpose-built watch. And, with a nod to its origin, it  can also be used as a traditional sun compass just as the British North Greenland adventurers did.

Tudor is a brand with massive focus on expert craftsmanship and the North Flag is no exception to the rule. With a perilous task ahead, Bowthorpe has the best tool possible right on the wrist.