Uniform Wares: Live on the Watch Gallery

The watch world can easily be sorted into two camps: classic and sports. An alternative to the current selection is often met with sniffs from the elitists and caution from the newbies – not quite the case with Uniform Wares. As this idiosyncratic label lands on The Watch Gallery, we look into a brand ‘devoted to detail’.

We’re all used to seeing big brands on the wrist: Rolex, Hublot, Cartier – just three members of a brigade that prides itself on immediate identification and signature logos. Well, Uniform Wares look to do things a little differently. Using intelligent design as opposed to overt branding, these guys have carved a niche by instilling modernity into haute horlogerie; the two are not the easiest of bedfellows and yet Uniform Wares blends the two with ease. The brand was established in 2009 by Patrick Bek and Oliver Fowles to not only challenge the current horological status quo, but to complement it also. Spurring a traditional logo on the dial, Uniform Wares are instantly recognisable through their simple and pared-back aesthetic.

Whilst Uniform Wares sits in our portfolio as a Swiss-produced brand, it is very much a London pursuit. Every collection is developed in the capital’s studio and workshop – from initial sketches to final prototypes. This core design thread is then offloaded to collaborators in Switzerland who begin the manufacturing process, instilling the global craftsmanship we all expect without diluting the overt Britishness of it all.

Here at The Watch Gallery, we’re lucky to host 6 different collections: the simplistic C35, the sartorial C40, the statement C41, the contemporary M37, the metallic M40 and the iconic M42. Each piece has a thoroughly unique streak without straying too far from the Uniform Wares handwriting; clean, cool and collected. And, with a range beginning at £250, they make for an incredibly versatile and affordable everyday watch. Enjoy.