Valentine’s Day: Baume & Mercier

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day commands a certain level of respect. Regardless of your relationship status, February the 14th brings about a season of celebration/commiseration (delete as appropriate) of your singledom or taken status. If the latter applies to you, then there’s only one obvious choice of gift – Baume & Mercier.

First established in 1830, Baume & Mercier has enjoyed almost two centuries of horological expertise. The Swiss Jura-based manufacture, seeking to carve a niche in the relatively busy world of fine watchmaking, placed their focus on the milestones in life that stay with us forever (no, I’m not taking about your first pint of diesel at the Student Union bar). Operating under a mantra of ‘life is about moments’, Baume & Mercier’s current collection caters to graduations, weddings, landmark birthdays and Valentine’s Day (obviously).

Whether it’s a classic Clifton for his special dress watch or a smattering of diamond-encrusted splendour, we’ve got just the ticket to keep you in the good books for a long, long, long time. And better yet, we’ll be gifting every Baume & Mercier online purchase with a complimentary luxury leather watch case. Enjoy.


As the quintessential ladies’ wrist watch, the Baume & Mercier Promesse collection combines all the usual high craftsmanship and big engineering in a smaller design. Narrower wrists are complimented (as opposed to amplified) with a more subtle option and the Stainless Steel provides a perfect touch. The classic appearance is reinforced by a precise and accurate quartz movement with increased durability – all indicators of an exemplary timepiece.


Clean, classic and expertly crafted, this sharp Baume & Mercier Classima is based upon a luxury brown alligator leather strap with subtle motifs throughout. Blue seconds, minutes and hour hands provide a pop of colour to a relatively simple dial – there’s nothing overcomplicated or overengineered, just traditional haute horlogerie. Whether it’s for the boardroom or the next big event, the Classima covers all the bases.


Transcending fleeting fashions and trends, the Clifton is the premier boardroom-friendly watch. An all-black dial provides impact without treading into peacocking territory, and additional highlights come in the seconds chronograph, contrasting Arabic numerals and Baume & Mercier gilted crown. The stainless steel case is an ideal canvas for such a classic design and the Clifton is guaranteed to satiate even the pickiest of palates.